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The Woodmill

The Woodmill is an artist-run studio complex and gallery space in Bermondsey which temporarily trans

May 2011

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The Woodmill

Setting up artist-run-space The Woodmill. 

The Woodmill is an artist-run studio space in a former doctor's surgery in Bermondsey.  Before taking up residence there, it occupied Neckinger Depot, a former Southwark Council building, also in Bermondsey, from 2009 to 2011. Back when they were still at the depot, members of the REcreative community spoke to Woodmill co-founder Naomi Pearce and Ali Frazer from the Exhibitions Team about transforming the building from council offices into a studio and gallery space for 92 resident artists. They talk about why they did it, what it involved and some of the challenges they faced. 


Creating The Woodmill's visual identity

 silvasilva are a design studio that formed while its members were still studying at Camberwell College of Arts. They were residents at The Woodmill studios from 2009-2011, an artist-run studio and gallery space that occupied a former Southwark Council office building. They talk here about how they helped to create The Woodmill's visual identity, which includes all its printed materials and its website.


Looking at Regeneration

 Anya Whitehead is the Cultural Manager for Arts & Heritage at Southwark Council. She talks to Recreative community member JJ about regeneration (giving new life to old buildings) and about artist-run-space The Woodmill, who've done just that with a former council office block. Anya also talks about some of the other major projects that have happened in Southwark. These include work by Punchdrunk Theatre and Bold Tendencies, the annual sculpture exhibition held in a Peckham carpark. 


Working as an artist at The Woodmill.

 Philip Ewe and Una Knox are artists, Hal Silva is an artist collective and they each had a studio at artist-run-space The Woodmill when it was in residence at Neckinger Depot, a former Southwark Council office block. Recreative interviewed them as they prepared for the final show at the space, before it relocated to a former doctor's surgery. They reflect on what it's been like to work in the building and about the work they were creating for the final show. 


The final show at Neckinger Depot.

From 2009-2011 artist-run-space The Woodmill was in residence at Neckinger Depot in Bermondsey, a former Southwark Council office block. As the artists prepared to hold their last group show, featuring work by all 92 studio artists, co-founder Naomi Pearce talked to REcreative about the experience and the future of The Woodmill. It was uncertain then but now, in 2012, The Woodmill is back in residence - this time in a former doctor's surgery.