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video documentation of construction

Posted: 04/04/12
Updated: 09/04/12

Each dot is made by a water drop on paper and burning the paper with fire, which dissolves the dry parts and traces around the wet spot, leaving charred edges and sometimes smoke stains. Thousands of dots are then layered to make a paintless "painting". The process of construction becomes part of the poetics in this work.


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Absolute beauty- so simple and pure :)

10/05/12 16:09

hi! I'm glad you liked it. I already uploaded the video and hopefully it can display properly on the website! Also just wrote more about the piece. :)

09/04/12 15:24

Hi! I'm so intrigued to see the video of how you made this work - it's beautiful. Let me know if you had trouble embedding the link and if I can help?

Would also love to know more about what inspired the work?

Jo REcreative
05/04/12 16:24