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Meeting Grayson Perry

Posted: 24/11/11

I think everyone was a little starstruck this morning.

Grayson Perry - a.k.a the Turner Prize winning transvetite potter - was gracious enough to give his time this morning to REcreative opportunity winners and to talk us through his highly acclaimed exhibition at the British Museum - "The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman."

Bringing together 170 artefacts from the BM's collection, loosly gathered around themes of pilgrimmage, relics, journeys, religion, magic, shamanism and sex, Perry has seamlessly slotted his own works into the display in an incredibly effective way - asking questions about authorship, value, history contemporary society - all with a sense of humour and a genuine respect for the unrecognised craftsmen and women around him.

Grayson chatted about his own work, how he put the exhibtiion together, about what makes art good (versus not so good...),  about why the artwork and object should be more important than the artist and about the perils of contemporary culture and what it's like to be a "famous artist".

Everyone got to ask questions throughout and and at the end a couple of people even got their catalogues signed.

It really was a great, great morning. Congratulations again to our winners and we look forward to seeing other projects on the site by you soon. Who knows what the next thing you win might be?.....

The oh so impressive British Museum
Grayson and some of our opportunity winners
Discussing the poster - telling us that the first thing the British Museum said was that he'd spelled "titillation" wrong!
Alan Measles' "Pope Mobile" with his proxy Dr Schmoo
Talking technique and ceramic magic - the one in five chance of things surviving the kiln.
Religion, craft and the British Museum as heaven.
Just admiring the architecture...
Star struck!