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Posted: 07/07/13
Updated: 08/07/13


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Dear Emily,

Congratulations again! Our recent critic, writer and curator Shama Khanna has chosen your project as one of her critic's picks this month. She had this to say about your work.

'Really exciting to see Emily's growing collection of moving image work. She is a skilful filmmaker, intuitively weaving together sound and image to create the conditions for an immersive viewing experience. I picked up on subtle references to biological processes as well as digital and analogue filmmaking techniques - perhaps suggesting that the process of watching is an embodiment in itself parallel to the film stock running through the camera. You might like to check out Bad Burns (1982) by Paul Sharits here, .'


Sophie REcreative
01/04/15 10:37

Great, I'm looking forward to seeing the new stuff.
Good luck with it.

Sarah REcreative
18/02/14 11:08

Thanks Sarah! I'm working on a new project at the moment and am looking forward to when I finish it and can share it with the REcreative community!

Emily Bailey Visuals
15/02/14 13:08

Dear Emily

Congratulations! Our recent critic, Director of Glasgow international Sarah McCrory has chosen your project as one of her critic's picks this month. She had this to say about your work.

"Emily Bailey’s films are reminiscent of process-based filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage or more recently Jennifer West. They are formally quite beautiful and I look forward to seeing how they develop."

Congratulations again,

Sarah REcreative
12/02/14 12:24

Thanks, that's great news!

Emily Bailey Visuals
08/08/13 19:23

Dear Emily,

Congratulations! Our recent critic, curator and writer Gareth Bell-Jones, has chosen your project as one of his Critic's Picks.

He had this to say about your work:

"I selected Emily Bailey's Kurious because it reminded me of the early projections of The Boyle Family. There is a real psychedelic edge to them and as with their works, Bailey also uses unpredictable droplet forms to respond to music."

Jo REcreative
07/08/13 15:13