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Posted: 19/10/14

“People were poor and hungry. We did not receive strike pay and our benefits were greatly reduced. I spent most of my days packing these parcels, and my husband would help deliver them to outlying villages.”

These lists were hand written by my Grandmother during the 1984 Miners’ Strike. Food parcels were set up by mining communities to feed their families.

Each parcel was to the monetary value of £4.00 per family, per week. Any expenditure over £4.00 would result in a deduction from the DSS allowance.

This was an attempt by the Conservative government under Thatcher to starve working class people and destroy their communities. These attacks on poor people are still happening today under this Conservative coalition.

Council homes are being deliberately abandoned and damaged by the council, leading to them being demolished and sold to private landlords, who then build luxury apartments, which are unaffordable to even working class people on an average wage.

@FocusE15 are a group of mothers from a hostel in East London. They faced eviction due to funding cuts and were told to look for private accommodation in Manchester, Hastings and Birmingham. These women have been fighting for their right to stay in London close to their families and their lives ever since; occupying spaces, attempting to save council homes and ensure decent housing for all.


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Dear Megan,

Congratulations for a third time, this project is a big hit with the critics. Our December critic, Elinor Morgan has chosen your project as one of her critic's picks. She had this to say about your work:

"The re-contextualisation of the Miner’s Strike into recent and contemporary Feminist narratives makes this a strong work that resonates with personal and national concerns. The artists’ political stance is clearly articulated and the work is formally tight."

13/01/15 12:39

Dear Megan,

Congratulations again! Our November critic, Jessica Vaughan has chosen your project as one of her critic's picks. She had this to say about your work:

"Breadline is a very socially engaged piece of work that is both personal and political. Megan uses archival documents to reconsider the Miners Strike from a female perspective whilst also commenting on a current political situation."

03/12/14 15:13

Dear Megan,

Congratulations! Our October critic, Lucy A. Sames has chosen your project as one of her critic's picks. She had this to say about your work:

"The archival treatment of the materials in this project offer an alternative feminist history of an otherwise well-documented historical event in a way that retains a well researched personal family history as well as the wider context of the miner's strikes of the 1980s. The items at the Feminist Library are curated in a clean, simple museological way that is appropriate for the subject matter."

05/11/14 16:22