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Aylesbury Estate 2015

Posted: 21/04/15

The forced regeneration of Southwark and other parts of London is pushing working class people out of the city. As part of the gentrification of Southwark, Aylesbury Estate is due to be demolished. Homes that are rebuilt will not benefit the existing residents. The majority of these homes will be completely unaffordable for current residents. Plans to create a small amount of ‘affordable’ housing are false: these homes will be at 80% of market value: not affordable for people on a low to average wage. These changes are not in the interest of people, they are for profit.

Residents at Aylesbury Estate as well as activists from surrounding areas have been fighting to stop the estate from being demolished. This year the estate was occupied, in response to which Southwark Council spent £140k on building an exclusion/containment fence around the estate, blocking occupiers in it, and forcing residents to go through private security gates before being allowed to enter their own homes.

This video follows me walking around Aylesbury Estate, the morning after protesters tore down the fence, which was then quickly replaced. This is just one example of social cleansing in London that needs to be challenged.

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Dear Megan,

Congratulations! Our recent critic, George Vasey who is the curator of the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (NGCA) has chosen your project as one of his critic's picks this month. He had this to say about your work:

"It's a compelling project because the text makes a very direct and political claim for anti-gentrification and yet the video is equivocal. I wouldn't read the film as political without the contextual information. The figure never reveals her face and walks away from the camera, the subject doesn't claim the territory in front of the camera - it's the opposite of confrontational. I wonder whether the figure is a cypher for a broader malaise, someone that is aimless and alienated within her surroundings? It also has no narrative which I like - it's super simple, like structuralist filmmaking, creating an odd tension."

Congratulations again,


Laura REcreative
11/08/15 12:25