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Posted: 26/07/11

Why Kostyuzhensky medical complex was the best Institutions in the Russian Empire?

For Chisinau Kostyuzheny - the name, of course, common name. As for the Muscovites Kashchenko clinic. And it is not surprising, considering how specific areas of work of this complex, and public attitudes to diseases that are treated there.
In the urban folklore of Kostyuzheny sent, Kostyuzhen fear of Kostyuzhenah invent stories. However, Chisinau Kostyuzheny notable not only original, but there needs passing health-care processes. It is also a unique monument of architecture - buildings of the late 19th century.


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Congratulations! Oliver Basciano, assistant editor of Art Review has chosen your project as one of his critic's picks this month.

This is what he had to say about your work "It is an evocative subject matter – like something out of a Tarkovsky film. Not just in the photographic series's use of abandoned space, but also the reference to mental illness. As such, I particularly liked the images that are devoid of people."

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Sarah REcreative
06/10/11 12:26

it's Ok. but if i have mooney =)) and nice fotocam it would be better than now.

and some reclam, if someone need a visualization, take my skype - rinkashirin
\3d max, vray\

realy need some work!

04/10/11 19:32

I agree the images are really good, it looks like an ideal space to create a site specific installation. Have you looked into whether you could borrow the space for a project? The woodmill studios were created from a disused space, take a look

Sarah REcreative
04/10/11 11:26

thanks! =)
in the past been employed medical units .. but for now - abandoned ruins

04/08/11 17:21

Wow these are really great photos. I love the way you used the light and angles. Was it just an abandoned building you found?

Heather Waterfield
04/08/11 17:00