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Welcome to ...

This brief is for BTEC Art Level 3 and AS Critical and Contextual Studies students at Shooters Hill.

Taking  inspiration from South London Gallery’s Welcome to Iraq exhibition REcreative would like you to create your own project in response to the title Welcome to...

Just as Welcome to Iraq presents the country in a new light, showing a wealth of art and creativity occurring rather than relying on the common clichés about what it means to live in a war torn nation, we want you to ignore the obvious and show us a new unexpected side of your chosen subject, one that challenges our assumptions.  

There are no restrictions on what subject you choose to welcome us to or the medium you choose to do this in – only make sure that you are passionate about offering an alternative viewpoint on your subject and not accepting the obvious answers.

In order to complete the Brief we would like you to set-up your REcreative profile and upload weekly content showing us how your project is progressing; this could be writing, images, video or sound.

An important thing to remember is that this project is as much about showing us your process and how you got somewhere as it is about producing a finished work, so be sure to regularly update your page with any thoughts, sketches, research, prototypes, trial-runs, etc you might be doing.

We will be looking at how you have developed an overall approach to the brief - not just at the end result.


Valid until: 
20 December 14