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Deciphering art-speak

This brief is for BA Graphic Design students at Camberwell College of Arts

REcreative editorial board member Rose Cronin would like you to design a printed publication to be give out to 16 - 25 year olds during REcreative tours, events and freshers' fairs. The publication will focus on deciphering art-speak.

"On occasion I have instantly connected with an artwork or show, but picked up the press release or artist statement, only to feel lost in a jungle of words. After getting over the humiliation of owning up to being confused by 'art speak' I found I was not alone and that lots of young people with a passion for contemporary art also felt the same."

Rose Cronin

This publication will take a number of words commonly used in art galleries' interpretative materials and offer a range of definitions through quotes and contributions from artists, curators, writers and students. The tone of the publication should be playful and friendly, more like an informal note book than a reference dictionary.

You have been given a portion of the copy that has been written for the book and we'd like to see how you layout and break the copy into chapters and headings to make the design as innovative and accessible as possible.


Valid until: 
6 March 14