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The Academy of Youth Mythology


In light of recent events disrupting the nation and damaging public opinion about young people, The Academy of Youth Mythology calls upon you - young people - to use your artistic skills to challenge the negative myths that exist about you and restore public opinion in youth by making positive interventions.


We want you to create an intervention!

* The interventions that you make can be visual or audio, using movement, props, sounds, speech or instructions.

* They can be discreet and intimate to one or two people at a time, or spectacular and public to groups of people.

* They can be virtual or digital exploring online media, or real time in real places with real people.


Whatever you do in response to this brief, it is essential that your intervention initiates a positive public response and promotes a positive opinion about what young people are like and capable of doing.


The Academy of Youth Mythology set out to discuss and destroy the myths about young people and youth culture using live art and interventions. You can learn more about TAYM and see examples of Live Art interventions made by TAYM technicians here:


Now is the time

Go forth and make myths!


Felicity Mukherjee

TAYM Executive Director



Valid until: 
30 September 11